Big Impact Arts and Technology Grants

New in the spring of 2015, TPP is now making grants for specific needs in the arts and technology. These grants are usually smaller in scope than District-wide grants, but generally impact students of more than one school.

These are the grants that will be implemented during the 2016-17 school year.


Orchestra Hall field trip for all 4th graders: All 4th graders will go to Orchestra Hall for a youth A-L 4concert in the spring, just as they are making decisions on which instrument to play in 5th grade.

Pottery Wheel classroom: A classroom of pottery wheels will be installed in Stillwater Junior High School that will be used for art classes during the day. Once the space is operational, it may also be used for community education classes.


The Partnership Plan is supporting a computer coding project for all students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade. The project, called Dash and Dot, is a part of a larger plan to develop K­-12 core instructional programs that focus on programming and engineering skills.

Dash and Dot are made by the Wonder Workshop for the purpose of introducing programming skills to young learners. Both Dash and Dot are robots; Dash can move around and Dot stands still. These two robots are capable of interacting with one another in unique ways through their different sensors. Students use iPads with software that is leveled for elementary learners to program Dash and Dot to complete tasks.