Classroom Grants


The Partnership Plan is pleased to share that the winners of the Spring Grant Cycle awards have been announced. The Spring Grant Cycle is the smaller of our two grant cycles, and has limited funding. It is designed to allow teachers to apply for grants they would like to implement at the beginning of the coming school year (funds from the Fall Grant Cycle are typically not available until November).

If you have questions about whether your idea falls within our guidelines, please read this advice or contact Beverly Petrie at or 651-439-3172.

Teachers, if you received a classroom grant for the 2017-18 school year, please fill out a short questionnaire telling us about the amazing things that happened. Thank you!

We’re delighted to announce our Fall Classroom grants to teachers in Stillwater Area Public Schools for 2017-18. The breadth of the grants ranged from trout hatching and releasing for high school students to a theater residency for pre-schoolers.

We gave out 24 classroom grants worth $35,171. Read short descriptions of the entire list.

Each year, The Partnership Plan makes grants to teachers for great ideas to inspire students and enhance instruction in their classrooms. Innovation Grants are funded by individual donors, foundations and businesses, while Endowed Grants are funded by the 293annual proceeds of The Partnership Plan’s endowments. But no matter the source of funding, all these grants spark learning in students in every school in the District.

An easy application process is necessary for all classroom grants. The procedure includes an application form, which must be submitted with the required supplementary materials by a specific deadline. Applications are evaluated by a review committee composed of community members, ISD 834 teachers and administrators, and representatives from The Partnership Plan. The review committee makes a formal recommendation to The Partnership’s Board of Directors for final approval. Grants are awarded to Stillwater Area Public Schools for use in a specific building or granted program, under the guidance of that building’s administrator. Grants are not transferable from one building to another.

The Fall grant cycle is TPP’s primary grant cycle. There may also be a Spring Grant cycle, if funds are available. The pool of funding for Spring grants is smaller. The Spring grant cycle may even be suspended, at the discretion of The Partnership Plan’s board of directors, for budgetary reasons. The committee evaluating Spring cycle applications will show preference to applications for projects that must begin early the following fall and/or couldn’t be envisioned during the previous fall’s grant cycle.

FAQ for grant applicants

Endowed Grants

The Endowed Grants are:

  • Weingarten “What’s Best for Kids” – Enrichment of literature and reading at all grades levels.
  • Dr. Thomas F. Linde – Enriching all music programs at Stillwater Area High School.
  • The Ruth and Lyman Geary Arts Fund – Elementary and performing arts district wide.
  • The Orchestra Legacy Fund – Enrichment of orchestra programs district wide.
  • The William Lundquist Fund – Focuses on augmenting Elementary science program.

Endowed Grant Online Application

Innovation Grants

The Innovation Grants are not restricted in scope or subject matter and are available to all teaching staff. Innovation Grants are awarded to projects that enrich and enhance the educational process for learners, with a strong emphasis on innovation and creativity. Multiple grants are awarded with an average dollar amount of about $2,000.

Innovation Grant Online Application

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