Da Vinci Fest Student Winners 2017

Art Fair

Senior Grand Champion:  Alexander Daum
Jewelry: “Kyra”

Junior Grand Champion: William Raymond
Mixed Media: “Denim Flag”


Senior Division

1stZoe Schroeder  “ White Leaves”

2nd Madeleine Althoff  “ Celtic Pitcher”

Junior Division

1st Henry Kilcoyne  “ Color”

2nd Annie Pugh  “ Vase”

 Graphics and Print

Senior Division

1st Juliana Kilcoyne  “ Wanderings”

Junior Division 

1st Isabella Anderson  “ Tarot Card Design”

2nd  Jemina Ruth Maasin  “ Urban Nights” ——


Senior Division

1stMarin Brandt  “ Spirit of Technology”

Junior Division – NONE

Mixed Media

Senior Division

1stHannah Sween  “ Tree”

2nd Marin Brandt  “ We Are the Borg”

Junior Division

1st Luca Hynnek  “ Boba Fett”

2nd  Josephine Ramirez  “ Sun Window Mosaic” 


Senior Division

1stClarice Vrambout  “ Femininity”

2nd  (Tie) Marianna Arndt  “ The Walrus”

Erin Dreyer  “ Captivity?”

Junior Division – NONE

Pastels and Drawing

Senior Division

1stBrayden Reed  “ spectrum of emotion”

2nd Erin Dreyer  “ Making a Change”

Junior Division

1st Selah Clasen  “ Seascape”

2nd Henry Kilcoyne  “ Henry”


Senior Division

1stDylan Cook  “ Hell Erupts”

2nd Abigail Begin  “ Photo”

Junior Division

1st Elizabeth Kaari  “ Focal B+W Bubble”

2nd Maxwell Vogel  “ Carol Baierl – Paul Vogel”


Senior Division

1st–  Tate Johnson  “Rigor Mortis”

2nd Stefan Abbott  “Hand”

Junior Division

1st Michael Finch  “ Together”

2nd Eleanor Sand  “ Metal Music Stand”

Science Fair

Senior Grand Champion: Everett Kroll
“3D Printed Trans-Tibial Prosthetic Device”

Junior Grand Champion: Vincent Ramirez
“Heating up the Wings” 

Astronomy, Physics, and Earth Sciences

Senior Division

1stZachary Benson  “ Noise Pollution”

2nd Omar Omar  “ Fastest Way To Cool A Soda”

Junior Division

1st  Patrick Walsh  “ Effect of number of blades on Wind Turbine”

2nd Ella Fix  “ Microwave Radiation”

Behavior, Consumer and Social Sciences

Senior Division

1stMadeline Haase  “ The Stroop Effect”

2nd  Colin Welch  “ Music Genres’ Effect On Concentration”

Junior Division

1st Gursimrat Dahry  “ Personality Inquiry”

2nd Mairin Torgerson   “ An Eggcelent Eggsperiment”

 Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Health and Medicine

Senior Division

1stNathaniel Farmer  “ Wearable Mask Fit Monitor – Year 2”

2nd Max Vogel  “ Golf Course Riparian Buffer Zones”

Junior Division

1st Wren Konickson  “ Clean Water”

2nd Sofia Fix  “ Landfill Eaters”


Senior Division

1stAbby Andebrhan  “ Chemistry of Ice-Cream Making”

2nd  Sophie McAfee  “ Baking Powder

Junior Division

1st Karissa Kockelman   “ Crime Scene Chemistry”

2nd Mya Molldrem  “ Melting Madness!”

Engineering, Energy, and Transportation

Senior Division

1stHannah Farmer  “ Investigating Flow in Cylindrical Tubes”

2nd Michael Finch  “ Flush or no Flush”

Junior Division

1st Anthony Finholt  “ Catching Wind Power”

2nd Tom Blair  “ Comparing nonrenewable fuels to Renewables”

Math, Computer Science, and Technology

Senior Division

1stJoe Hesse-Withbroe  “ Effect of Card Counting”

2nd Chelsea Lai  “ Impact maxillary central incisor”

Junior Division

1st Hunter Potter  “ Density’s Impact on Oobleck”

Plant and Animal Science

Senior Division

1stKhuluc Yang  “ Choosing the Best Fertilizer for Grass”

2nd Taylor Lee  “ Growing Organic Apple Trees”

Junior Division

1st Madison Grayden   “Pawminance”

2nd Alexander Weigel  “ Tadpoles”

Stillwater Science Challenge: Bridge Building

Junior Division: all teams from Oak-Land Junior High

1st place: “Golden Gate Smashers”: Vincent Ramirez, Bo McBride

2nd place: “M.A.C.”: Addie Foote, Carley Saeger, Marena Saeger

3rd place: “B.L.U.” (Oak-Land Junior High): Henry Kelzenberg, Ethan Barclay

Senior Division: all teams from Stillwater Area High School

1st Place: “The Painted Turtle”: Eleanor Sand, Julia Line, Josephine Ramirez

2nd Place: “Truss Nobody”: Nora Steinmetz, Aine King, Casey Rorabeck

3rd Place: “Team VandeBergh”: Luke VandenBergh