Stillwater Science Challenge

For this year’s Science Challenge, we ask:  What is a boomilever?   

Answer:  A Boomilever is a device built to hold a specified weight a given distance from a vertical surface.

Your Challenge is to build a boomilever that can hold the most mass.   Each team can have up to 3 people and is open to grades 6-8 (middle school division) and 9-12 (high school division).

The boomilever must meet the following criteria and/or constraints:

  1. Student designed boomilever
  2. Boom length must be between 35-40 cm from the back board
  3. Building materials include popsicle stick, balsa wood, and glue
  4. Wood can be no larger than ¼” x ¼”  in width
  5. School and Team name must be on the boomilever

Competition begins when sand is first added to the boomilever.  Cups of sand will be added every 3-5 seconds until the bridge collapses.  Winners will be determined based on Load Efficiency (load supported ÷ mass of the bridge).  In the case of a tiebreaker, the lightest boomilever will win.

The competition will be held in the Stillwater Area High School gym on January 6, 2018.  Boomilever mass check in will begin at 12:30 p.m. with the actual competition starting at 1:00 p.m. The winning and runner up teams will be announced after the competition.   Awards will be given at the awards assembly at 5:30.

There are two divisions, a middle school and senior high division.  First place for each division will be awarded $50/team member and their team name will be added to Science Challenge trophy.   Second place will be awarded $25/team member.  The deadline for registration is Friday, December 15.   

Middle school and high school science teachers will start talking with students about forming teams, getting materials and registering very soon.  If you would like to register your team, click the link below.

Stillwater Science Challenge registration

The 2017 Stillwater Science Challenge required students to build an elevated bridge. The winning team from each division–Junior and Senior–was the one whose bridge could hold the most mass. Each team could have up to 3 people and the event was open to students in grades 4-12.






Stillwater Science Challenge: Bridge Building

Junior Division: all teams from Oak-Land Junior High

1st place: “Golden Gate Smashers”: Vincent Ramirez, Bo McBride

2nd place: “M.A.C.”: Addie Foote, Carley Saeger, Marena Saeger

3rd place: “B.L.U.” (Oak-Land Junior High): Henry Kelzenberg, Ethan Barclay

Senior Division: all teams from Stillwater Area High School

1st Place: “The Painted Turtle”: Eleanor Sand, Julia Line, Josephine Ramirez

2nd Place: “Truss Nobody”: Nora Steinmetz, Aine King, Casey Rorabeck

3rd Place: “Team VandeBergh”: Luke VandenBergh

Traveling trophies depicting a bust of Albert Einstein reside in the school of the winning team in each division. Individual students also win cash prizes.