Providing Resources to Enrich, Enhance and Engage the Educational Experience of Stillwater Area Public School Students!

In the early 1980s, a Citizen’s Education Issues Task Force was asked to identify significant issues that could affect the quality of education for students in the Stillwater Area School District 834 in the coming years. The Task Force examined the trend of declining governmental support for public schools and recommended that if the District wanted to strengthen its efforts to provide an exceptional education for students in the St. Croix Valley it should “…seek income from sources such as foundations, alumni, industry and prominent individuals in the community to broaden the experiential learning opportunities for our community’s youth.” In 1989 District 834 formed The Partnership Plan for Stillwater Area Public Schools, an educational fund that would help to provide the extras that would make a good education great.

The Partnership Plan has disbursed more than $5 million and touched the educational lives of many thousands of students. It provides diverse opportunities through enrichment programs that benefit the District’s entire learning community. Although the Partnership Plan continues to serve District 834 exclusively, in 2006 it became an independent, nonprofit, tax-exempt organization serving Stillwater Area Public Schools, its students, teachers, staff and local community.