Staff and Committees

Executive Director: Beverly Petrie     651.439.3172

Office Manager: Crista Walsh    651.351.8372

Event Coordinator:  Kristine Smith

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Provides leadership for the Board in areas of planning & development; recruits new Board members, supervises and evaluates the Executive Director and serves as a liaison to the community.

FINANCE COMMITTEE: Develops annual budget recommendations and fundraising plan, monitors monthly accounting reports, recommends policy, develops and maintains procedures for gift acceptance.

DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE: Identifies, cultivates and solicits donors to The Partnership Plan, develops and implements strategies for annual and long-term giving, and oversees fundraising events such as The Partnership Party.

MARKETING/COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE: Develops ideas for marketing and communications plans, guides brand development and messaging, and oversees community events such as Da Vinci Fest, the Partnership Awards and Distinguished Alumni Awards.

GRANTS COMMITTEE: Develops guidelines for the distribution of classroom grants, district-wide grants, and Arts and Technology Big Idea Grants.

The Partnership Plan is always looking for volunteers interested in serving on a Partnership committee or helping with a special event.  If you would like to learn more about being actively involved with The Partnership Plan, please contact Bev Petrie at 651-439-3172 or