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Classroom Grants

Each year, The Partnership Plan gives grants to teachers and staff for great ideas—inspiring students and enhancing instruction in the classroom.

TPP is now accepting grant ideas. These grants will be delivered in the 2019-20 school year. The deadline for applications is October 20, 2019.

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For questions, contact Rick Robbins at or 651-439-3172.

Attention: 2018-19 GRANT RECIPIENTS

If you received a classroom grant for the 2018-19 school year, please tell us about the amazing things that happened.


The funding that makes classroom grants possible comes primarily from annual fundraising by The Partnership Plan, and, secondarily, from its endowments. Several generous donors have established endowments for The Partnership Plan, with the annual proceeds from these endowments funding specific types of grants. They are listed below.

  • Weingarten “What’s Best for Kids” – Enrichment of literature and reading at all grades levels.

  • Dr. Thomas F. Linde – Enriching all music programs at Stillwater Area High School.

  • The Ruth and Lyman Geary Arts Fund – Elementary and performing arts district wide.

  • The Orchestra Legacy Fund – Enrichment of orchestra programs district wide.

  • The William Lundquist Fund – Focuses on augmenting Elementary science program.

The application form allows teachers to designate their application for a specific endowment if they wish. However, applicants should know that The Partnership Plan strives to fund as many meritorious grant applications as possible, no matter the source of funding. When evaluating an application, the grants committee considers: innovation, student engagement, enhanced learning, adherence to grant criteria, and overall impact.

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2018-19 Classroom Grants



Applications are evaluated by a review committee composed of community members, ISD 834 teachers and administrators, and representatives from The Partnership Plan. The review committee makes a formal recommendation to The Partnership Plan’s Board of Directors for final approval. Grants are awarded to Stillwater Area Public Schools for use in a specific building or granted program, under the guidance of that building’s administrator. Grants are not transferable from one building to another.