What is The Partnership Plan?

The Partnership Plan is an independent non-profit, 501(C)(3), organization dedicated to the continued academic excellence of the Stillwater Area Public Schools.

The Partnership Plan secures private, supplemental funding to support valuable education experiences and innovative projects in the Stillwater Area Public Schools. Funds raised augment school system revenues that are provided by taxes, state aid, and other parent and student-led fundraising efforts.

When was it started?

The Partnership Plan was formed in 1989 by a group of community members, responding to an identified need to strengthen community-to-school connections, specifically pertaining to volunteer and financial support

Why is The Partnership Plan necessary?

The Partnership Plan is necessary to help ensure the caliber of educational programs we have come to expect of the Stillwater Area Public Schools.

Your support means greater academic opportunities for all students, today and into the future.

We are fortunate to be part of the St. Croix Valley community, which has a strong, valued and well-respected school system. However, to protect and enhance the value of our homes and property and the quality of life we enjoy, we must further invest in our public school system.

Do other school districts have Foundations?

Yes, school districts across the country have similar education foundations, including more than 50 in Minnesota.

What is the difference between The Partnership Plan and individual Parent Groups (PTA/PTO)?

Both The Partnership Plan and Parent Groups are critical to the quality of education in our community and work together to support the schools. Both of these groups ensure our school and classroom needs are being met.

Parent Groups fund classroom and office supplies, instructional materials, computers and printers, field trips, school beautification, cultural arts and other school-specific needs.
The Partnership Plan provides funding for new initiatives or programming that spans multiple schools. These educational projects may be new, innovative or supplements to the curriculum.

How are dollars distributed to Stillwater Area Public Schools?

The Partnership Plan does not write a blank check to the District. Instead, The Partnership Plan distributes dollars to Stillwater Area Public Schools through a granting process. Grant applications from teachers or administrators are reviewed and awarded based on the evaluations of the Grants Committee and must receive a final vote of The Partnership Plan board of directors.