Processing Classroom Grants

The Partnership Plan now processes all payments directly through our office. The Grantee should work through the purchasing process with their building secretary.

Review the sample Grant Award Letter

Download the Voucher

Grantees will be notified when grant funds are available for expenditures. Funds must be spent prior to the end of the school year. Check your award letter for specific dates.

You will need to adhere to all district purchasing procedures for all expenditures.  The Partnership Plan reimburses the school for approved grant related expenses.  PLEASE NOTE:  Individual Grantees will not be reimbursed.  Grantees should work with your building secretary to prepare the necessary paperwork, per district accounting procedures.  Your building secretary has received a copy of this grant announcement letter with the approved grant amount. Reference The Partnership Plan Grant Title and Number, included in this letter, on all paperwork.  If you are purchasing materials and supplies, please complete a purchase order following district purchasing procedures and utilizing the appropriate expense code by building from the attached list.  Purchase orders should be sent to the district accounting office.  The accounting staff will process the purchase order and provide a copy to The Partnership Plan.  If you are paying for services such as a contracted services, a speaker, a field trip or other service items you will need to utilize the district voucher form.  All vouchers should then be sent directly to The Partnership Plan for reimbursement.

               The Partnership Plan

Stillwater Area Schools

Central Services Building

Attn: Crista Walsh

 Grant recipients must plan in advance for payments needed after DATE, such as checks for artists in residence. “Leftover” grant monies cannot be used to fund other expenses or supplies. Please note that if this process is not followed, it is possible that your building will be responsible for your grant expenditures.