Classroom Grants

Each year, The Partnership Plan makes grants to teachers for great ideas to inspire studentspinch-pot-girl-for-web and enhance instruction in their classrooms. Innovation Grants are funded by individual donors, foundations and businesses, while Endowed Grants are funded by the annual proceeds of The Partnership Plan’s endowments. But no matter the source of funding, all these grants spark learning in students in every school in the District. MORE

District-wide Grants

Our district-wide grants elevate learning for large swaths of students throughout the District. We have funded the purchase of new software—Destiny and Storia—to make powerful online learning resources available to students, parents and teachers. And we have helped to fund a new K-12 curriculum development project that explores the construction of the St. Croix Crossing bridge from the perspectives of engineering and the environment. MORE

Big Impact Arts and Technology Grants

New in the spring of 2015, TPP is now making grants for specific needs in the arts and technology. These grants are usually smaller in scope than District-wide grants, but typically impact students of more than one school. MORE

Fabrication Lab

The Partnership Plan is in its fifth and final year of funding a Fabrication Lab, the biggest initiative in our history. This project supports STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) by creating a 21st century production space that allows students to create and build the products of their imaginations. With a generous, five-year, $250,000 matching grant from the Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation, we are helping to prepare students for the workplaces of tomorrow. MORE