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Da Vinci Fest

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Join us at Da Vinci Fest on Jan. 5, 2019.

We need lots of volunteers to make this thing happen. It will be the most affirming, heart-warming, soul-satisfying thing you’ll do this year. Guaranteed.

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Upcycling takes center stage as a new competition is added to Da Vinci Fest, the annual arts and science event hosted by The Partnership Plan for Stillwater area students and families. 

The Upcycling Fair will be a competitive event for students. There are two separate categories available to students in grades 4 through 12:  artistic (creating a nonfunctional work of art) and usable (creating a functional object). 

Both categories require participants to create their projects with at least 80% of found or discarded objects that come from home or an outside environment.  Students will be required to submit a statement outlining where materials were sourced and their creative process. Volunteer judges will be drawn from the greater Twin Cities professional community.

Prizes will be awarded in both categories of the competition and—within each category—two divisions: middle school and high school.  In addition, Da Vinci Fest organizers are planning to include a People’s Choice Award. All students who live within or attend school within the boundaries of Stillwater Area Public Schools are invited to participate in Da Vinci Fest. 

Da Vinci Fest will celebrate its 11th year  in January. It began as a simple art and science fair for students in Stillwater Area Public Schools. It now has multiple ways for students to test their strengths and explore their passions: Art Fair, Science Fair, Science Challenge, Film Fest and Spoken Word, which incorporates poetry, theater improvisation and podcasts.

During the afternoon, the event is free and open to the public for a family-friendly afternoon of educational fun. In addition to the student projects, there are educational exhibits, performances, and demonstrations by organizations across the Twin Cities.

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Interested in being a sponsor for the 2019 Da Vinci Fest? Email Beverly Petrie or call 651-439-3172.


Da Vinci Fest would not be possible without the wonderful support from our many volunteers. To sign-up, click here for available shifts.

Exhibitors' showcase

Every year, we invite businesses and groups to present interactive and hands-on science, technology and art exhibits to inspire and motivate K-12 students and parents who attend Da Vinci Fest. The exhibitor booths complement the student projects and provide a unique glimpse at how science, art and technology apply in the real world. Previous exhibitors have included an extraordinary range of local and national businesses, clubs, public agencies, schools and individuals.

We are always looking for new exhibitors to delight the thousands of families and community members who attend Da Vinci Fest each year. If you know of an organization or business with a unique, interactive display or demonstration that may be interested in outreach with kids and families, please email Kristie Smith.


The 2018 Da Vinci Fest

We were delighted that Sen. Amy Klobuchar joined us at the 10th Annual Da Vinci Fest in January 2018. Da Vinci Fest gives students a chance to show their talents and smarts in a Science Fair, Art Fair, Film Fest, Spoken Word and Science Challenge events. But it’s also a HUGE community event with educational exhibits, demonstrations and performances.

Sen. Klobuchar helped us kick off the Stillwater Science Challenge, an on-the-spot science competition in the manner of the Science Olympiad. Before that, she spoke about the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education in the economic competitiveness of the country.