The Partnership Awards

The Partnership Awards are annual honors to recognize representatives of the many teachers and staff who create such a wonderful learning environment for our students. Teachers and support staff can be nominated by community members, students, parents or colleagues.

The award recipients are selected by committee through a nomination process. Awards are divided to represent staffing: two from early childhood/elementary teachers, two from secondary teachers, two from retired staff members, and two current support staff. All current and past employees of Independent School District 834 are eligible for nomination, if they haven’t previously received a Partnership Award. Please note that administrators, such as principals, do not qualify for these awards.

Each Partnership Award recipient designates a $1,000 grant from The Partnership Plan to the building of his or her choice.

Applications for the 2019-2020 Awards are now open!

Submit your nomination by January 31, 2020.

The honorees of the 2018-19 Partnership Awards have been announced. They are:

Brandon Auge, K-5 English Language teacher, Lake Elmo Elementary

Kim Schneider, Kindergarten teacher, Afton-Lakeland Elementary

Mike Kaul, social studies teacher, Stillwater Area High School

Kris McCarthy, social studies teacher, Stillwater Area High School

Suzee Berner, health aide, Lily Lake Elementary

Beth Leavitt, student advocate, Brookview Elementary

Pamela Bloom (retired) Stillwater Area High School

Mary Rudeen (retired) Early Childhoold and Family Center

Previous Partnership Award winners